Who We Are

We are a Christian church in the heart of Tamworth. There are about 25 churches in Tamworth and we belong to this wider Christian community. We have our own place in West Tamworth on the hill. As we overlook our city, we are reminded that we are called to serve a community facing significant social and economic challenges. In times of social upheaval and uncertainty, the church has a voice and a message that it has been sharing for thousands of years.

Our world is filled with mixed messages about God and religion. It is thought that truth is these matters is unattainable and therefore there are no absolute anchors for life. In the face of this position, there are very good reasons why we believe that God exists and that he speaks to us in his own ways. Ultimately, God speaks through his Son whose historical, verifiable resurrection shows this to be true.

At St Stephen's we share the message that we can be reconciled to God through trusting in his Son. We are a group of ordinary people whom God has forgiven and now we live in obedience to him. It's a privileged position and one open to everyone because God is generous and wants all people to enjoy life with him.


We are a Safe Church