Cultural Relevance

The ABC is conducting a large survey to see what Australian’s think on a whole range of topics. Indeed, 54,000 people have so far responded on a whole range of subjects. Questions like, “Do you struggle to make ends meet”? “How often do you feel lonely”? “Is it OK to smack your kids”? Religion, of course, gets a mention. Quoting … Read More

Don’t Crash and Burn

I don’t watch a lot of television. One program I like to watch is “Air Crash Investigations” and the meticulous work by investigators to get to the bottom of an accident. It’s never pleasant re-creating a plane crash and re-living the terrifying moments for the passengers. But the desire to uncover the underlying reasons for an incident, usually a complex … Read More

History Has the Final Say

The big topic for the moment is the subject of rain. When will it rain? I happened to hear Alan Jones interview Scott Morrison last week. The interview has been well publicised due to Jones’ aggressive interviewing style. In the interview, Jones’ referred to an earlier conversation he had with a caller from Bourke. The caller said, “We’re a real … Read More

Moving Forward

For most of us in the congregation, Presbytery is largely an unknown quantity. It is a court of the church immediately above Session and has a range of powers which includes insuring that we are sound in doctrine, discipline and order. Presbytery meets about six times per year. For each meeting, along with other churches, I write a pastoral report … Read More

Being an Attractive Church

I’ve been reading an article entitled, “You’re So Depraved, You Probably Think This Church is About You”. It’s an attention seeking headline which, I presume, was grabbed from the song, “You’re So Vain, You Probably Think this Song is about You”. What on earth does the author mean? What’s he trying to say? The author firstly picks up his Bible … Read More