Thoughts About Israel Folau

The sacking of Israel Folau by the ARU for his Instagram post has become the talk of the town. It seems everyone has an opinion and it will be interesting to see what the lawyer’s argue at the Fair Work Commission. At the very least this matter has put the combination of religion, tolerance and free speech on the public … Read More

Old is Good

I’m actually feeling a little older these days. Another birthday around the corner, coupled with a sore back and then very sore legs after soccer last Saturday … well, I’m simply falling to bits! The inevitable is inevitable, old age besets us all. I’ve been visiting elderly people for years and one day some young, upstart of a minister might … Read More

I Love Bible Conferences

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the North West Bible Conference (NWBC). It was a wonderful time of teaching and mixing with other Christians, and not just people from Tamworth, but as far away as Sydney and the south coast. Both speakers, John Woodhouse and John Patterson, explained the Bible with great clarity flowing from their love for … Read More