Family and Bible Monday

Family & Bible Monday meets one night per week for 1 ½ hours for a six-week period during school terms. Its aim is to provide a bible teaching ministry to children ranging from preschool to upper primary ages, and their families, currently serving about 7-8 families (churched and unchurched) and respective children/grandchildren. To avoid the child-minding that can develop with kids clubs, FM has been designed to provide family oriented time together. Afternoon tea /dinner is a feature of this meeting to further enhance this. Significant relationships have been established here and it is well-supported by the church family in order to see families of these children transition to worship at St Stephens. Already there have been a number of outreach services of a very contemporary style to which to invite new contacts. These have had varying success.


Café Church

The congregation at St Stephens has undertaken to hold 6 outreach church gatherings this year called Café Church. This is intentionally used to invite outsiders to come, meet and get to know the church family, while addressing some critical big question such as ‘How can Christianity be the only truth faith?’, ‘How can a good God allow suffering?’, ‘Hasn’t science proved that God doesn’t exist?’ ‘How can a loving God send people to hell?’. There has been a good attendance of visitors.