About Us

A mans closed hands praying over a BibleWelcome to St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church. As you explore our web site we hope you will be encouraged by this window into the life of our church. What we hope you will see is that our church is about people. It is about people who gather in a variety of contexts during the week to encourage each other as Christians, and to tell others about the good news of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus. It is this good news that makes it possible for each of us to come back into an intimate relationship with God.

The people who make up St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church come from a variety of backgrounds and cover all age groups. We are developing a range of ministries that extend across all the age groups aimed at helping people grow in the knowledge of God and to enjoy Christian friendship with one another.

If you came along what you would find is a warm welcome, people keen to study the bible and bend their lives in accordance with it. So why not come along and get connected with God and his people. You are most welcome


Our Staff


Douglas McPherson (interim)
(02) 6785 2320

Moonbi Pastoral Assistant

Gordon Dandie
0437 517 457

St Marks Chaplin Pastoral

Dale Martin
0414 818 201

Session Clerk

Brian Rixon
(02) 6765 8933